IISART Names Zen Koh And Gery Colombo As Ambassadors

Co-Founder of Fourier Intelligence to become inaugural ambassadors for IISART

SHANGHAI, June 19, 2020 – The International Industry Society in Advanced Rehabilitation Technology (IISART) has officially named Zen Koh and Dr Gery Colombo to become the industry body’s inaugural ambassadors, responsible for expanding its global network of associate members and corporate partners.

The decision was made on June 15 following a unanimous vote, where Koh, currently Co-Founder and Deputy Group CEO of Fourier Intelligence, was elected into his role as an IISART ambassador alongside Dr Colombo, the founder and former president of IISART. Gery Colombo is also the Founder and Former CEO of Hocoma AG in Zurich.

Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, IISART is an organisation that seeks to promote modern healthcare technology in rehabilitation.

“Zen has made valuable contributions to the field of rehabilitation technology for a long time,” Dr Iris Jakob, co-president of IISART, explained the reason for electing Koh as an ambassador.

A well-connected, globe-trotting technopreneur with a long career in neurorehabilitation technology, spanning across research and development, clinical application, and market development, Zen is well-respected in the industry, and well-positioned to give IISART greater visibility across the world and offer support in cross-cultural communication, Dr Jakob adds.

“Many of the IISART members know him well, and we appreciate him, not only for his business abilities but also for his soft skills,” Dr Martina Spiess, the other co-president of IISART says, “Zen brings people together, across the planet and across cultures, languages, time zones.”

Zen Koh, who joined Fourier Intelligence in June 2018, is expected to swell the ranks of IISART company members after he is installed in his new role. He is also the first Asian to enter the steering committee of IISART.

“This is a privilege for me personally, to work alongside a team of professionals and experts in this industry to further champion and promote technologies for rehabilitation. I am humbled and appreciative that the IISART members acknowledge my past works,” says Koh.

Dr Gery Colombo, Founder and Former CEO of Hocoma AG

“It is also immensely uplifting to know that I am awarded this ambassadorship together with the much revered Dr Gery Colombo, who had been president of IISART for eight years before stepping down in 2019.”

At the moment, IISART consists of 25 industry-leading company members and five associate members. Of them five companies – including Fourier Intelligence – are from Asia, a region that IISART is keen to tap further to grow its member base.

“With all the existing strong companies in rehabilitation technology in Asia, there is a lot of potential for IISART,” says Dr Jakob, noting that all geographical regions should be involved equally if IISART were to push forward rehabilitation technology.

In spite of a clear division of labor between the two new ambassadors, both Dr Colombo and Koh are expected to combine their experiences, knowledge, and personal connections to advance the progress of neurorehabilitation robotics.

Tasked with overseeing IISART’s strategy for the APAC region, Koh will also be responsible for boosting collaboration among members in a number of areas: education of stakeholders, organising conferences for knowledge exchange, promoting the field as a whole, contributing to standards of manufacturing, influence healthy policy and achieve reimbursement.

Complex as these goals are, Koh says he has already made inroads, with a few of Fourier Intelligence’s Asian partners landing nomination into IISART’s various sub-committees.

Moreover, the Global Rehabilitation & Assistive Technology Summit, or GReAT Summit, which was organised under the auspices of Fourier Intelligence and made its debut early this year, has also been designated as an associate member of IISART pending official approval. These moves are in line with IISART’s expectations that Koh will contribute more resources to IISART and broaden its reach across the globe.

“My ambassadorship also marks a milestone for Fourier Intelligence, as we can further foster the exchange of knowledge between the east and west, through IISART. Fourier Intelligence looks forward to sharing its knowledge and experience at the highest level of global excellence in this field,” says Koh.

He believes that Fourier Intelligence, founded in 2015, has made tremendous progress and gained a significant amount of global acknowledgement for its efforts in promoting innovation, development, and adoption of technologies in the field of rehabilitation.

“My new role is indicative of the long way this five-year-old startup has come in terms of having a positive contribution to the industry/profession,” says Koh. “With my ambassadorship, Fourier Intelligence is looking forward to partner with IISART and its members to further develop the industry/profession.”

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