Tech Start Up Fourier Intelligence Nabbed the “Shanghai Design 100+” for 2020-2021

Fourier Intelligence’s Lower Limb Exoskeleton, the ExoMotus™ M4, awarded the “Shanghai Design 100+” Award from the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology for 2022-2021 

SHANGHAI, May 29, 2021 – Fourier Intelligence, a top rehabilitation industry leader, has won the “Shanghai Design 100+” award for their coveted lower limb exoskeleton, the ExoMotus™ M4.

This marks the second year for the “Shanghai Design 100+” awards ceremony hosted by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology. The ceremony was held in the central plaza of Shanghai Shangsheng Xinsuo and was attended by many other companies, including those in design.

To further promote the influence of Shanghai’s designers, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology encourages innovation and creativity through the “Shanghai Design 100+” awards. In the recent 2020-2021 event, Fourier Intelligence was among the total of 1,541 design products, design events, and design cases collected.

The number of participations far exceeds the previous year. Design companies in the Yangtze River Delta, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, and Pearl River Delta actively partook for the award.

The awards ceremony was attended by 920 designers and design teams, covering over 30 industries, 100 review experts, with over 2.45 million public online votes and 15.35 million online clicks. 287 achievements were shortlisted, and sales of 25.91 billion yuan have been achieved, and total sales are expected to be 370.18 billion yuan. The “Shanghai Design 100+” awards were conferred after a thorough evaluation from a mix of industrial votes, key expert votes, and public voting.

Some Participants of the “Shanghai Design 100+” Awards

In this annual event, the ExoMotus™ M4 gait and body weight support system launched by Fourier Intelligence won the “Shanghai Design 100+” in 2020-2021. The exoskeleton is by far the first and only exoskeleton in the market with its own body weight supporting system.

Fourier Intelligence’s ExoMotus™ M4

The ExoMotus™ M4 lower limb rehabilitation robot adopts an integrated ergonomic design, is user-friendly, and can achieve gait functional training and multiple mode evaluations. The gait mechanical leg can provide the user with precise sensory input in the early stage of rehabilitation through repetitive walking and inhibit the formation of an abnormal gait pattern or learned non-use. Early gait training on the ground enhances plantar activation and biofeedback. Moreover, dynamic balance and symmetrical weight-bearing assessments can be performed before and after training, which provides a quantitative reference for measuring the outcome and progress of gait training with this futuristic assistive technology.

In addition to having multiple training modes and adjustable parameters, having the additional balance assessment and training modules are the three main characteristics of this lower limb rehabilitation robot that is designed to empower gait training. Through this feature, users can have personalised rehabilitation training.

The ExoMotus™ M4 will be launched into the Chinese market at the Shanghai GReAT 2021 annual summit at the end of July. The launch of this product into the international market is expected to be in early 2022.

Fourier Intelligence is recognised globally for its innovative and intelligent solutions that are based on independent research and development of core rehabilitation robot technology, providing medical institutions and patients with the world’s leading comprehensive advanced rehabilitation solutions. At present, the company has strategic partnerships with nearly 20 top universities and research institutes around the world to jointly develop progressive rehabilitation technologies and promote the application of rehabilitation robotics at the international level. Some of these partner institutions include the Shirley Ryan Ability Lab in Chicago, KITE Research Institute at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute – University Health Network, ETH Zürich in Switzerland, National Healthcare Group in Singapore, and the University of Melbourne. Fourier Intelligence has over 1,000 installations in hospitals and institutions with a global presence in more than 50 countries and regions around the world.

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