Zen Koh Appointed as Global Committee Chair for DLC, World’s Leading Business Platform

Zen Koh, Co-Founder and Global Hub CEO of Fourier Intelligence, appointed as chair for DLC Health and Wellness committee to represent the Singapore Chapter

SINGAPORE, Sept 21, 2021Della Leaders Club (DLC) officially appoints Zen Koh as Global Committee Chair of the Health and Wellness committee during a virtual launch of the committee event. The purpose of this appointment is to provide leadership and knowledge in healthcare solutions and services for people with disabilities.

The virtual event also witnesses appointments and introductions of other Health and Wellness committee members of DLC. This virtual event was attended by all the committee members of the Health and Wellness group across the globe.

This decision by DLC to appoint Zen as part of the committee was to award him for his past achievements and strongly believe that the appointment will greatly benefit society. With 20 years of extensive experience in the healthcare industry, Zen consults regularly with executives from a variety of fields to help create synergistic solutions. Zen was also nominated by MD+DI amongst the top 40 under 40, the future most influential industry in med-tech, recognising his contribution in developing novel technologies and leading companies that will transform the future of the healthcare system.

Zen’s appointment in July 2020 as the inaugural ambassador for the International Industry Society in Advanced Rehabilitation Technology (IISART) for his contribution towards advancing advanced Med-Tech and Robotics for Rehabilitation further cements this decision.

“This is a privilege for me personally to be part of DLC. It is uplifting to know that my achievements have been recognised and awarded with this appointment,” says Zen Koh.

“I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge and experience in the health care industry at the highest level as part of the Health and Wellness global committee chair. My role here is to provide the members with filtered business knowledge and experiences that will cater to their unique challenges.”

“I strongly believe that DLC has a lot of potential and influence globally to do so and I am proud to be part of it”.

Zen Koh, alongside committee members from Sir H.N. Reliance Hospital & Spark Healthcare, will be involved to promote healthy habits among the public as well as improving the cost of city healthcare infrastructure. During these times of pandemics and lockdowns, this committee will also seek to help members with their physical and mental health.

DLC is the world’s 1st business platform, comprising entrepreneurs, professionals, and young leaders from all around the world to positively impact the world. With the mission to create a global community of transformative leaders who want to re-invent industries and re-boot societies, DLC offers forums, brand collaborations, global summits and DLC knowledge to assist in building a world that is better, stronger, and kinder.

“I wanted to positively impact the global business community in these unprecedented times”, said Jimmy Mistry, Founder & CEO of DLC. “This led to the conceptualization of DLC”.

With committee members from various regions around the world and plans to grow to countries such as Spain, China, Germany, and Japan, DLC will certainly leave a stronger mark in the years ahead.

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