Fourier Intelligence Participates in International Conference on Aging, Innovation and Rehabilitation (ICAIR)

TORONTO, 2nd May 2023 – Fourier Intelligence, a global technology company specialising in rehabilitation robotics and artificial intelligence, will participate in the upcoming International Conference on Aging, Innovation and Rehabilitation (ICAIR).

Jointly hosted by The KITE Research Institute at the University Health Network (UHN) and the Rehabilitation Sciences Institute (RSI) at the University of Toronto, the event will take place on the 8th of May, 2023. It aims to bring together experts from various fields to discuss the latest ageing, innovation, and rehabilitation research and advancements.

Representing Fourier Intelligence as a keynote speaker, Zen Koh, Co-Founder & Global CEO, will share his insights on “Rehabilitation Technology 4.0.– Creating the right value to provide the right solution at the right time and with the right accessibility.” With a background in engineering and robotics, he has worked in the healthcare industry for over two decades and is highly passionate about using technology to improve people’s lives,

“Rehabilitation technology has long been plagued by high costs and complex operating environments, limiting access to those who need it most. However, as the demand for therapies continues to rise, the industry is slowly transforming to enter a new stage of development. Where more accessible, affordable, and evidence-based clinical solutions that address diverse clinical needs are being developed to cater for these needs. As we navigate this challenge, the industry is set to grow even further through advancements in robotics and AI,” said Zen Koh. In his upcoming presentation, Zen Koh, also the General Chair of RehabWeek 2023, will explore the rehabilitation technology industry’s history, status, and future. Join us as we explore an innovative concept called “Rehabilitation Technology 4.0,” which aims to create a digitalised ecosystem that optimises value chains through consolidation and standardisation. This approach will empower patients and providers to achieve their goal of recovery and improve their quality of life.

Professor Milos Popovic, General Chair of ICAIR, also said: “The inaugural International Conference on Aging, Innovation and Rehabilitation is a unique event designed to drive cross-collaboration across multiple disciplines by bringing together scientists, health-care leaders, engineers, and entrepreneurs. We are delighted that the conference is taking place in Toronto, which is internationally recognised as a major hub in rehabilitation science. In addition, we are thrilled that Zen is one of our keynote speakers and that he will share his thought on the future of rehabilitation and rehabilitation technologies”.

Zen Koh, Co-Founder and Global CEO of Fourier Intelligence

About Fourier Intelligence

Fourier Intelligence is a leading technology company dedicated to developing exoskeleton and rehabilitation robotics with a focus on creativity since its inception in 2015. The company collaborates with researchers, therapists, and patients to deliver cutting-edge rehabilitation robotics solutions. Fourier Intelligence aims to elevate user experience through its interconnectable intelligent robotics technology, providing an intuitive, easy-to-use system that enhances the lives of both patients and therapists.



The International Conference on Aging, Innovation and Rehabilitation (ICAIR) is an important cross-disciplinary event that brings together the leading researchers, scientists and entrepreneurs currently working to improve the lives of people around the world who live each day with the impacts of illness, disability and aging. Hosted jointly by The KITE Research Institute at the University Health Network (UHN) and the Rehabilitation Sciences Institute (RSI) at the University of Toronto, it is a unique conference destination designed to help researchers, academics, students, entrepreneurs, and other innovators share research and academic success stories, build and foster relationships across disciplines, and encourage cross-pollination of communication, research and ideas.

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