Fourier Intelligence Partners with NUS Biomedical Engineering Society to Foster Innovation at 16th Scientific Meeting

SINGAPORE, 23rd MAY 2023 – Fourier Intelligence, a leading global technology company that specialises in rehabilitation robotics and artificial intelligence, played a crucial role in promoting scientific excellence and innovation at the Biomedical Engineering Society’s (BES) 16th Scientific Meeting. The National University of Singapore invited Zen Koh, Fourier Intelligence’s Co-Founder and Global CEO, to participate as a distinguished judge to assess the student presentations based on rigorous criteria, including scientific merit, innovation, and overall impact.

With over 20 years of experience in the rehabilitation technology industry, Zen Koh is a respected veteran who is dedicated to driving innovation through education and understanding. In addition to his role as the Co-founder and Global CEO of Fourier Intelligence, he actively participates in multiple non-profit organisations. He is the incoming president of the International Industry Society in Advanced Rehabilitation Technology (IISART) and the Co-founder & Executive Director of the Swiss-based MotusAcademy. Koh will also serve as the General Chair for RehabWeek 2023, a highly reputable conference that will take place in Singapore in September 2023.

Zen Koh, Co-Founder and Global CEO of Fourier Intelligence expressed his gratitude for being a part of the judging panel for the BES 16th Scientific Meeting. “As an NUS alumnus, I value the opportunity to evaluate the work of some of the brightest minds in biomedical engineering, and is inspired by the constantly evolving field and the new ideas from the students”, said Zen Koh, Co-Founder and Global CEO of Fourier Intelligence. “I believe that events like this play a significant role in promoting innovation and growth, allowing aspiring industry professionals a platform to showcase and share their knowledge and views.”

He added, “The healthcare industry is witnessing numerous groundbreaking advancements and innovations. However, the most powerful tool to propel this industry even further is the ability to share knowledge and collaborate with others. I am glad to see that students are putting in tremendous effort to drive the growth of this field, and I look forward to working with this new generation of talented professionals who will contribute to the betterment of healthcare.”

“The National University of Singapore (NUS) is proud to host the 16th Scientific Meeting of the Biomedical Engineering Society (BES) on 20th May 2023. This annual event brings together students and graduates from various institutions to present their ideas and knowledge on biomedical engineering. This year, we are pleased to invite Mr. Zen Koh as a judge on our Scientific Committee to review the participants’ work and provide their expert insight to the event’s discussions and presentations. We are honoured to work with him and learn more about his experience and expertise in the industry,” said Germaine Teo, Publicity Director of NUS MedTech.

The BES 16th Scientific Meeting, organised by NUS MedTech and a team of student leaders from various institutions, serves as a dynamic platform for aspiring biomedical engineering students to connect and exchange knowledge. Through interactive sessions and engaging presentations, the event fosters an environment of learning and collaboration, facilitating discussions among like-minded individuals. Furthermore, the event provides a unique opportunity for students to gain insights from distinguished academics and professionals in the field, thereby encouraging personal and professional growth.

About Fourier Intelligence

Fourier Intelligence has emerged as a prominent technology company that specialises in developing exoskeleton, AI, VR, and rehabilitation robotics solutions since its establishment in 2015. The company prides itself on its innovative approach towards collaboration with researchers, therapists, and patients to deliver state-of-the-art rehabilitation robotics solutions. By integrating intelligent and interconnectable robotics technology, Fourier Intelligence aims to enhance user experience, providing an intuitive, user-friendly system that positively impacts the lives of both patients and

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