MyndTec Inc. Announces Strategic Consulting Agreement with Rehabilitation Technology Industry Expert

Mississauga, Ontario, May 30, 2023 – MyndTec Inc. (“MyndTec” or the “Company”) (CSE: MYTC), an emerging force in neurological treatment and rehabilitation, is thrilled to unveil a strategic Collaborative Alliance with Zen Koh, a renowned expert in the field of rehabilitation technology. This alliance is dedicated to identifying crucial acquisitions that will bolster MyndTec’s market expansion and drive product innovation initiatives. MyndTec is excited to join forces with Zen Koh, combining their expertise to shape the future of neurological treatment and rehabilitation.

This strategic collaboration comes at a perfect time in line with MyndTec’s overarching strategy. By joining forces with Mr. Koh, MyndTec gains a unique opportunity to tap into his extensive experience within the rehabilitation technology industry. This partnership will allow MyndTec to expand its reach and establish connections with a wider range of influential companies, ultimately generating substantial value for our valued shareholders, patients, and therapists. Together, we aim to enrich our portfolio with cutting-edge, user-friendly, and cost-effective digital therapeutics for neuromuscular rehabilitation, paving the way for enhanced treatment outcomes and improved quality of life.

MyndTec’s collaborative alliance with Zen Koh, a distinguished industry veteran with over 20 years of experience in rehabilitation technology, marks a significant milestone for our company. Mr. Koh’s extensive knowledge and expertise make him an invaluable asset in driving innovation and advancing the field through education and understanding.

As the Co-founder and Global CEO of Fourier Intelligence, Mr. Koh has played a pivotal role in shaping the future of rehabilitative technologies. His dedication to pushing boundaries and improving patient outcomes is evident in his involvement with various non-profit organizations. Notably, he is the incoming president of the International Industry Society in Advanced Rehabilitation Technology (IISART), where he will contribute to the global advancement of the field. Furthermore, as the Co-founder and Executive Director of MotusAcademy, a Swiss-based organization, Mr. Koh actively promotes knowledge sharing and professional development within the rehabilitation community.

Highlighting Mr. Koh’s influence and leadership, he has been appointed as the General Chair for RehabWeek 2023, a prestigious conference scheduled to take place in Singapore in September 2023. This conference serves as a platform for experts and innovators in rehabilitation technology to share insights, exchange ideas, and drive progress in the industry. MyndTec’s association with Mr. Koh underscores our commitment to being at the forefront of advancements in the field and actively contributing to its growth and development.

It is worth mentioning that MyndTec’s partnership with Fourier Intelligence extends beyond this collaborative alliance. Our companies have a global distribution agreement in place for medical devices, allowing us to reach broader markets and provide access to advanced technologies worldwide. Moreover, there is potential for MyndTec to distribute Fourier’s cleared and licensed devices in North America, further strengthening our portfolio and expanding our offerings to healthcare providers and patients.

Together, MyndTec and Zen Koh aim to leverage our collective expertise, resources, and networks to identify key acquisitions that will support MyndTec’s market expansion and drive product innovation. By combining our strengths, we are poised to deliver state-of-the-art, user-friendly, and cost-effective digital therapeutics for neuromuscular rehabilitation, ultimately benefiting our shareholders, patients, and therapists.

About MyndTec

MyndTec is a Canadian medical technology company dedicated to the development and commercialization of innovative products that improve function, maximize independence and enhance the quality of life for individuals who have suffered injury to the central nervous system as a result of stroke, spinal cord injury and certain traumatic brain injuries. The Company develops non-invasive neurological and nervous system electrical stimulation therapeutics for the treatment of neurological diseases and injury specifically targeted to markets with large, growing and global patient populations.

The Company’s flagship product MyndMove™ is a non-invasive functional electrical stimulation-based intervention. MyndMove™ uses neuroplasticity mechanisms to stimulate development of new neural efferent and afferent pathways allowing patients to re-establish voluntary movement and improve independence in their activities of daily living. The MyndMove™ system offers trained therapists the ability to assist individuals affected with paralysis to improve voluntary control of their limbs. The MyndMove™ therapy system offers a broad spectrum of sophisticated functional electrical stimulation software protocols which therapists customize to patient needs to enable meaningful controlled movements via proprietary stimulation technology.

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About Fourier Intelligence

Fourier Intelligence is a leading technology company dedicated to developing exoskeleton and rehabilitation robotics with a focus on creativity since its inception in 2015. The company collaborates with researchers, therapists, and patients to deliver cutting-edge rehabilitation robotics solutions. Fourier Intelligence aims to elevate user experience through its interconnectable intelligent robotics technology, providing an intuitive, easy-to-use system that enhances the lives of both patients and therapists.

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