ExoMotus™ M4

The ExoMotus™ M4 features an ergonomic design that incorporates a built-in balance support frame, ensuring a comfortable and secure setting for gait training.

This innovative device empowers individuals with lower limb impairments to execute everyday ambulatory tasks, such as standing and walking on flat terrain and gentle inclines, thereby enhancing their overall activity level. Furthermore, the gait parameters can be personalized to cater to the specific requirements of the user.

Multiple Training Modes

Users can perform sit to stand training at the early stage of rehabilitation to promote ideal sensory input, improve cardiopulmonary function, and prevent muscle atrophy.

Achieve rhythmic walking through an optimised gait cycle. Relieve muscle tone and minimise abnormal gait patterns.

Ground Walking

Walk on the Spot

Vertical DOF Ensuring Natural Gait Pattern

Adjustable Training Parameters

Speed, stride length, and stride height are adjustable in different training modes to meet different user’s needs.